The question showing how much sex is normal for hitched lovers is not easy to answer. This is because sexual intimacy is a personal matter and depends on many elements. Among them happen to be age, relationship status, sexuality, and life circumstances.

For instance, elderly adults can easily have sex significantly less frequently than younger adults. New research by the International World for Lovemaking Medicine determined that a third of women over seventy report sexual activity more than four times a week. Another analyze by the College or university of Chi town Press confirmed that married couples have sex about several times a month.

Corresponding to analysts, the amount of sex that is appropriate for a few is determined by the demands of the companions. If an individual in the partners is normally tired of having sex, it is a wise decision to discuss the matter. Yet , pushing the frequency of sex to more than a few days a month can negatively affect the enjoyment of intimacy.

A number of the factors that might cause a fall in sexual interest involve medications, perimenopause, hormones, and body image issues. If you see a significant drop within your desire, consider talking to a healthcare professional to get thorough help.


It’s also significant to remember that because you have sex several times a week does not always mean that you are completely happy. Additionally, it may lead to cheating and divorce. In addition , you may experience a shortage of desire following having a child.